Friday, July 3, 2015

Dang Right, I am a MISSIONARY

Well guys I know why Talmage does not send detailed letters... because there is almost no time. 

Here goes nothing.

On Tuesday we were given a devotional by Joseph W. Sitati. He is a member of the 70ty. He taught how we need to be warriors in God's army of missionaries. He was an awesome speaker.

Wednesday was pretty good.  We were in class all day though. We role played with Steven. Who is really Bro. McClain's alter ego. He is an actor, let me tell ya. We nailed our lesson though and committed him to pray on the spot. It was awesome. We switched the lesson to his needs.  His concern was that he didn't feel that God loved him and that's why he stopped praying. We taught that even when the Savior was going through pain he still prayed to the Father for strength and taught him that even when the Savior was praying for strength he still had to go through the trial of atoning for our sins.

We then taught Jaime Tyus. We failed in our first lesson because she just got confused. On next lesson we simplified the Restoration down. We taught with the power of the Spirit and then we committed her to read the scriptures and she accepted. Wahoo! We also just recently taught her another lesson on the Atonement and power of repentance. I gave my experience of repentance and sniffled and cried a bit. She then accepted are next commitment which was to pray to know what we have said is true.

My study of the scriptures has finally paid off because the Spirit has finally been starting to direct me to scriptures that I can use to explain and help people with their needs and concerns. I am so happy for the Spirit. I cannot wait to get out into the field. Washington here I come.

Sorry there wasn't much time, but here are some pictures.

Elder R.K. Northrup


 My Companions... Elder Steiner from Kayesville UT (in the background).
Elder Kidwell from Show Low Arizona (in front).


My MTC teachers...  Brother Kendall on the left and Brother McClain on the right. 




 Hey the front 4 are my roomates (from left to right) Elders Kidwell, Northrup, Steiner, Knight, and Rippstein. Elders Johnson and Elder Ryan are in the back.


Temple walk with my district.


Elder Edwards from Lehi


Elders Covington and Austin


Momma's boy!


Nightstand in a nutshell

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