Monday, July 20, 2015

Another week without Rain...

Well this week has been a week of exchanges and a couple other things. Plus the weather over  all is not even rainy at all, in fact its very sunny.

On Monday after emailing we went to a members house and they cut our hair.  I know, I was totally thinking I am going to be bald after this...but she did a pretty amazing job.  Anyways as I was getting my hair cut Elder Clauson got a phone call from the Zone Leaders telling him that an investigator is moving to Orting.  She has been getting the lessons and that we're pretty much having a baptism fall into our laps.   Awesome!  Elder Johnson said this blessing is like a football analogy: He said it was like the QB throws a pass to the WR and instead of running it in, he flips it back to the RB who then scores.  I thought that was a pretty funny analogy. Anyways her name is Hannah Ognoskie and she is solid. She has already read the Book of Mormon twice and a half. She is also super funny and is coming to church a lot. Her baptism is on Aug. 1. 

Tuesday we went on blitz with the Firgrove Elders.  We were able to get them a potential investigator that they are going to be meeting with soon. Thats about it on Tuesday.

There is only one problem with Orting. That is that everyone I have met so far has been a "Trekkie," which is nasty. It is sad to see them go down the wrong path, but at least they are following Heavenly Fathers plan and looking for something more to bring more light to their lives.

We had Zone meeting this week we learn a lot about the importance of following up with investigators and making sure they understood what they have been reading. This has made me want to focus a lot more on getting people to teach so I can share the gospel with them.

On Friday we did exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Anderton and Elder Clauson went together in Orting and I went with Elder Johnson to Spanaway. We went and taught a lesson to a family who is super close to their baptismal date all they need to do is start following the word of wisdom and they will be golden. Later that night I found out Elder Johnson is a huge Star Wars fan! (Finally someone who speaks truth). We talked a lot about Star Wars together. The next day we went to Ethan Larez's baptism.  It was amazing!  Elder Clauson baptized him. Elder Anderton, Elder Johnson, and I taught the Restoration to Ethan's non-member mom while they were getting dressed. His mom was crying and I know she felt the spirit and I hope she starts taking the lessons. Then Elder Johnson and I left to finish out the exchange. We went and taught a guy named Larry White, I don't know much about him but he is really cool. The rest of the day I discovered that Elder Johnson reminds me a lot of Tim Pierson. They both say some the exact same things like "Yeah buddy" and "That's no bueno." Which made me laugh. When we re-exhanged we found out that Elder Anderton and Elder Clauson were able to get five potentials which is totally awesome. Hopefully some of them are ready and prepared to hear of God's gospel.

That basically all that happened this week. Sorry its not as epic as last week!

Elder R.K. Northrup
 Mt. Rainier
 Read the cups!
 Elder Nielson
 Elder Clauson and Ethan Larez (baptized July 18th 2015)
 Liam is showing his SKILZ!
Now for some falling!
Another edition of MISSIONARY FOOD:  Exhibit B - Eggo Waffle with Reeses Spread.

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