Friday, June 26, 2015

Yippee... First Letter from Elder Northrup (Unedited) 6-26-2015

Well hello everyone it is kind of weird to be doing this now. Writing all of you in old fashion, I mean. 

My frist two days has been amazing. We have met my companions. Yep I have two companions, Elder Steiner and Elder Kidwell.  Elder Kidwell is so funny, he is from Show low, Arizona. Everything that could possibly happen to him has happen. For Example someone chucked his stress ball into a pit where no door leads to it. He has bad reading eye sight so he mixs up words and things like that. Elder Steiner is awesome to he is from Kaysville, Utah. I am getting along with my companions really well. I have also seen some of my friends from Lehi that are in the MTC right now. I have been doing what Dad did in the MTC and bringing back a bunch of drinks to our room, and I love the food except for breakfast because there are only three options: Donuts and Bagels and cereal. 

Our teachers are amazing and have been really good at teaching with the spirit, and how inviting the spirit really helps the discussions flow. We had an experience where Elder Kidwell was being an investigator while Elder Steiner and I, taught him. We were practicing inviting him to baptism, he came up with a concern about why he shouldn't get baptised. Elder Kidwell's concern was that he didn't want to settle with a church if none of them felt correct to be in. Elder Steiner and I where directed to scriptures by the holy ghost and we read the Joseph Smith history 1:11, I believe and we told him that one of the reasons that our church was founded was because someone called Joseph Smith had his exact same question. Later, we had him pray like an investigator would. He did, right after we made him a promise that if he would follow the spirit, pray, and read the scriptures then he would be ready for baptism.

In our dorm/residence we have 5 Elders in our room. Elder Steiner, Elder Kidwell, Elder Rippstein who is from Richfield, Utah, Elder Knight is from Mesa, Arizona, and me. All of us are going to the Washington Federal Way Mission, how flippin' ironic. There is one other guy named Elder Covington who is in our District that is going to our mission as well. Our District leaders are Elder Covington and Elder Long, and our Zone Leaders are Elder Rippstein and Elder Knight. Our whole district is super awesome! I have no extra responsibilities, which I am totally fine with. 

Oh and before I forget. While we are here we are having to eat in the Gym area instead of the original Cafeteria because there are new mission presidents being trained right now. We also have a bunch of General Authorities (including Elder Holland, Elder Ballard, and Elder Bednar) on the MTC grounds right now and on tuesday we might get hear one of them speak.

I don't have very much to right because I have only been here two days.

Elder Reggie K. Northrup

P.S. I was able to meet Brother Clarke, he said he would stop by the office some time soon.

(Pictures will be attached, but we can't figure out how to do that yet) 

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