Monday, June 19, 2017

Peace out everyone!

So this week we have been working really hard.....I mean I always do that, but yeah.

We have been working with Albert consistently. I am getting a bit nervous about him because he is really struggling with the word of wisdom. I really hope he can strengthen his faith because we feel that that is what he is lacking right now.
Please everyone pray for him!

We also found a new investigator! Well actually one of our members had invited her to church and we snagged her and asked her if we could teach her! We taught her on Wednesday. Her name is Jamie.  We had to teach really simply because she didn't even know very much about Christ. So obviously we pivoted and taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ instead. She even prayed at the end!  It was so awesome!

As you know, we are always working on finding new investigators. Well, we found an awesome potential this week named Terra. She is a Lutheran currently, but we are hoping that that is about to change. She accepted a Book of Mormon that we told her that she could borrow. We are hoping that by letting her "borrow" it, she will make it more of a priority to read it. We are going to stop by again this Friday!

We worked hard this week doing service for a lot of people.  We helped the May family move 650 pavers for there patio that they are making. That was a blast!  Love doing service!  We also helped Bro. Stokes dig out his septic tank.

We did Gospel ping pong with the Letham's this week. It is on facebook if you want to see the video.  The important thing is that the missionaries beat them and then they had to go share a scripture on the media! Oh yeah!

Peace out everyone!

Elder R.K. Northrup

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