Monday, September 19, 2016

Apparently the Tortoise wins the race?

Well, the area I am in is still dead... but we possibly have a new investigator. His name is Wes. He is cousin  to this less active, named Tony, that we have been working with to quit smoking. 

It was on Monday that we saw them both. We were talking to them both and I asked them how to get jacked. Since they are both Polynesian they knew all about that. Now the only way to teach them is the extreme use of "Teach people, not lessons." What we decided to do is they are going to help me get ripped while we help Tony and Wes quit smoking. They are going to be our personal trainers, while we personally train them to keep the commandments. It's definitely a win win situation. It should be a great see my muscles grow and them stop being destructive to their bodies. Pray for both of them.

We also taught another one of our less active's and her son. The son is active but she isn't, but they are both so awesome. They are from Russia. Their names are Nadia and David. David is hilarious so it is always fun to teach around him. Nadia is just such a sweet lady. They are great. We hope Nadia starts coming to church again.

We also went on exchanges with Lakota Creek. I went there with Elder Scheidell. It was great to get back on a bike!  (Weird... never thought I would say that before.) Anyways on the exchange we were able to teach their investigator Bro. Ili.  He is from Samoa. He knows the church is true and Elder Scheidell and I both committed him to baptism. It was so awesome!  He already has a super strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is incredible.

On Sunday I went to the Missionary Devotional with Elder Miner, Elder Scheidell, and Elder Steiner. We were all singing in the choir. It was pretty fun. I just wish I could actually sing well though....definitely not one of my talents as of yet. I will probably have to go through some fine tuning soon. 

(I pulled these pictures off the mission blog and put them on here from the missionary devotional Elder Northrup was talking about.  I don't know who this guy is in the first picture, but I saw Elder Northrup behind him and had to include it here....  Mom)

Well that was our week.  The work is coming along slowly like tortoise pace or something but oh well. Love you all and always do missionary work, because why not?

Elder R.K. Northrup

P.S.  Note from Mom.  I met Brother and Sister Mietus on Friday.  They were here in Utah dropping their daughter off at the MTC.  We sent a little bag of letters and goodies back with them for Elder Northrup.  They said his companion is legally blind due to albinism. What an amazing young man to serve the Lord even with the trials he has been given. Sister Mietus sent me this very short video... I love hearing his voice.

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