Thursday, August 18, 2016

The new "World Olympic Record"

This week has been pretty great. Way better then last week. For starts we taught 7 other lessons this week that's dang good for us.

We started off the week with finding a new investigator named Deshauna. Yes, she is black. She sounded super interested we shared the Restoration video with her found on Then she talked about how she thought it was so confusing that there are so many churches today. We then explained more in depth about how Joseph Smith had that same question. Low and behold NEW INVESTIGATOR. Can I get a Woop, Woop. We scheduled an appointment with her on Thursday at 4:00.

Thursday came around and well, it was kind of a lame day. Even though we had prepared super well for all of our appointments. All of the appointments with Investigators fell through. Totally a "What the crap" moment. Sad slow day.

Well the next day we went on exchanges with the Skyway B Elders. I went with Elder Cardin to Skyway and Elder Sumsion went with Elder Perkins to Garrison Creek. That was a pretty interesting/annoying exchange. The first door we knock on went like this:
Missionaries:Hello, we are going around sharing about how families can live together forever. Not only in this life, but in the next life as well!
Lady: You know I have a very personal relationship with my God that I don't really like to share. I also think it is very stupid that you are going around trying to sell spiritual relationship like a couple of toothbrush salesmen. (Door slam)
Me:(Thank you, for insulting me!)
Sadly, I was a lot a bit ticked off at that lady. I need really give people more charity. I am still working on that. I am not perfect yet. I wish though.

Once we got back from exchanges we found out how well Elder Perkins and Elder Sumsion had been blessed. So I made sure and did a couple Woops! They had found a kid of 16ish that prayed and was commited on the spot for baptism...he will be entering the Kingdom of God in the ward above us though. 

They also taught Ruben and tried helping him to recognize when the spirit is speaking to him. Great lesson! 

Later we went and visited Shelby and Brian. They are awesome still. Pray for Brian that he will be softened enough to want to listen to what blessings the gospel contains.

On Sunday we were able to see Tina. We set up for a lesson on Tuesday at 6pm. We are hoping that the spirit will be very strong and help her have a feeling of happiness. Then we went and had Dinner with the Ayoso's. That family is awesome. Plus they make amazing food. Gotta love'em.

At the end of the week. We scored the World Olympic teaching Record for the most other lessons taught in the Garrison Creek area. Woop, Woop!

Thats been our fun filled week. The Gospel is true and super amazing.

Elder R.K. Northrup

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