Monday, August 1, 2016

Of Great Potential

This week we have done a lot of teaching. Not really with our investigators because two of them were sick, but with our members and random contacts we have met on the street. We have seen the fruits of talking to everyone.
We have been doing a lot of apartment contacting in the Indigo Springs apt. complex. Which has been pretty awesome!  We were able to talk to a really friendly "I don't believe in God" person. Her name was Miranda. She told us that she didn't believe in things unless their where visual/physical facts to back it up. Which basically means that she need some science to back it up. I asked her if she had ever seen "Thor: The Dark World?" (Because I am a movie guy and that's how I roll!) She said "not recently". Which I replied with "well one of the characters in the movie explains that "Magic is just a science that we don't understand." Which I then tied into how with God we probably won't see him, but that does not mean he isn't their watching over us. We just have to exercise enough faith for him to bless us with the feelings of his presence.  Which she seemed to grasp at that point. We invited her to pray and to truly seek the feelings that God can send us, and will send us if we truly desire to feel them.

Later in the week we went back their to talk to more people because their are always people outside. This time we met Brenda. She is Hispanic and just recently started a family. She seemed very interested in what we had to say, because she asked many questions. We taught her the Restoration and asked if she would be willing to learn more. She accepted the offer. We are very excited for her because she seems like she could be a solid investigator. We weren't able to set up a date to come because she was going on vacation soon. 

Now we visited Sammie.  She is from one of the countries in Africa....can't remember which one. She is super awesome. She has such a powerful testimony and is such an awesome member. The feeling in the room when we shared with her a small video was so strong and on top of that, when she bore her testimony that feeling intensified. It was just awesome to be able to listen to her. We are going to be visiting her every Thursday now.

We did a member lesson with the Lambert's. While we were there he gave us an idea that could explode the missionary efforts in this area if it works. Pray for this idea. It is called Operation: White Harvest.

Later this week we apparently made someone a little upset because we were in their apartment obviously Satan got a hold on her.  What an idiot he is.  She started yelling at us that we can't solicite in the area. Which we aren't doing because the proper term is called proselyting, so take that lady. She then told us that she would tell management if we didn't leave right then. Which we weren't going to do so we just hid at the Welch's apartment for a bit while everything blew over. The Welch's are so fun. They are just newly wed and still have the same humor that people in college have so we get along with them great.

We taught Ruben this week and he is finally getting it that he needs to read the Book of Mormon on his own for him to get an answer that these things are true. So Whooop!

Then yesterday we went the Price's.  They are a part member couple. We are really getting to know them and bond with them. They are really starting to like us. Plus the upside is the non-member is coming out of his shell a lot more now that we have a pretty good relationship with them. We pray that he will want to be baptized in the future at some point.

Well that all that happened this week, yeah I know not much but is still a work in progress. Love all you guys.

Elder R.K. Northrup

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