Monday, August 22, 2016

Apostle Dave, Amber Valentine, and other weird things

Well this week we have been doing super crummy. Our super solid potential Tina dropped us on Tuesday because her husband doesn't like it when she talks with us. What a punk! 

Then we went down in the valley part of our area and tried to meet with one of our less actives. Well instead we met this guy named apostle Dave. He told us, "to repent every one of you." Which obviously I am already doing that. Then we talked to him which was very Bizarre, because then he told us to go knock on this house that he thinks this guy might be hiding bodies in. So obviously we totally went and did just that. Then that's where the story ends. Later we just left to go back up the massive hill. Once we got to just about our apartment I got smashed in the side by some dork's truck (thank you very little!) So now my bike has to go through the shop again. Which means we are back on the shoelace express. 

We also went on exchanges this week Elder Sumsion came to Garrison Crk with me. We did so much talking to people that we were late for most of our appointments that I had planned for.  However, we did meet this lady named Mary Jasmine. I think she is going to be a really solid investigator. Well that's what I thought, until Satan decided to be a "colorful vocabulary" and create some lame situations for her family. So we are either dropped as of right now or we just can't see her for a couple weeks. Hopefully it is the latter. We also taught Ruben. He still wants to be a Prophet so he can change the Word of Wisdom. We might be dropping him soon. We were also able to send a lot of Spanish Missionary Referrals, which is always a good thing. Then the exchange ended.

Then we went to contact one of our referrals after dinner. Well it turns out that he isn't a referral at all. It was just his ex-girlfriend trying to get back at him. Which totally means we now need to rebuke her. We asked the lady that told us all of this information if the ex-girlfriends name is Amber Valentine. She just started laughing and said it wasn't, that that was just the girl's screen name. I was kinda laughing at how ridiculous people are sometimes after that little chat.

That was basis of our whole week we weren't able to teach any of our investigators which is always sad, but we will pro-veil! Love you all.

Elder R.K. Northrup

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