Monday, August 8, 2016

Slow sluggish week

Elder Northrup went to dinner with the Rosengren's.  The Rosengren family we knew in Wisconsin happens to be the brother's family.  They came to dinner as well.  Not sure if Reggie remembered them, but here is a picture of them, reunited.


This week was super lame 

We weren't able to teach very much because our investigators are sick. On top of that we have gone through a lot of crap when knocking on doors. Oh well its their choice if they want salvation or not, sadly they are choosing the wrong choice right now. 

We have received a lot of swear words and the word 'Belligerent' which means to wage war against. Yeah finding has been really dumb lately. 

We were able to teach Meuoy and Ruben this week. Ruben is progressing slowly but seems to be understanding more now. Meuoy has a different roadblock he has trouble retaining information that he reads because he is so focused on trying to read it. So to try and fix the problem we have order some childrens book of Mormons. Which we feel will help him comprehend better what we are talking to him about.

We had a good chat with Dee on her doorstep. She seems like she is still interested in learning but she is slowly getting better from her sickness. We plan on teaching her some time this weekend. She would be such an awesome member. Pray for her exceedingly!

We are almost completely done with doing member inspires with the entire ward council and their coucilors. It will be interesting what will think of doing when we finish those. 

Well sorry that this weeks email is so short. Sadly not much happened this week.
Love all of you. 

Elder R.K. Northrup

These pictures were sent to me by Elder Northrup's ward mission leader.  He told me that Kyle (the guy in the salmon polo) made this Jedi Holocron for Reggie (because he is a nerd like that!)  Neither Elder Perkins and Brother Ramsey can't quite figure out or understand Reggie's nerdiness, but they accept him for who he is.  He is pretty happy about this RARE Holocron.

 This is the machine the holocron was made in.

 This is currently Elder Northrup's "wheels"
 But this is the "sick ride" he would like to have upon his return.  (Just not in blue!)

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