Monday, July 11, 2016

Thank you very little!

To start my email off... This just in...  More Bike Problems! The other day we were about to go out on bikes when we discovered Elder Perkins front bike tire was now completely flat. I decided to come up with a quick fix...we stripped the road bike of its front tire and attached it to his mountain bike. It is definitely the most ghetto bike we have ever seen at this point. Plus another bonus is more money down the drain.

Now for the news of the week. It has been a pretty awesome week. We were able to teach Joseph Newbill again. We taught him a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and then did a lot of teach people, not lessons. It was good none the less though. He said he might come work out with us in morning now. He is totally jacked so if we can get some pointers from him then it will be pretty awesome.

One of the days we were tracting and this guy opened the door and just straight up told us we are being deceived and that the Book of Mormon isn't true. Well, I got a bit frustrated with him so I asked him if he had ever prayed about the Book of Mormon? He replied, "I haven't even read it." Elder Perkins then asked him have you read the Bible? He told us he had. Then we asked him, "Have you ever prayed to know if the Bible is true?" He looked at us like we were stupid and said, "Why would I pray about a book!" Right at that moment my mind flashed the words UNBELIEVABLE! That's when I thanked him for his time, tried to give him a card...which he rejected.  We told him to have a good one and started to leave. As we were walking away he kept yelling at us that we are still being deceived and that there are a bunch of things on the Internet that proves we are wrong. I just yelled back to him not to believe everything he reads. (Insert todays movie quote here... "Thank you very little."  (Caddyshack)

My right arm has really started hurting this week, but it is only when I move it in certain ways. I am hoping that it will heal soon and feel a lot better. Pray for it, please!

A lot of our teaching appointments happened  on Saturday.  Sadly Tina canceled because she had to run a family errand but on the up side she said she would reschedule with us. 

Now for my favorite moment this week. We got to teach Deefon Whitfield again this week. We were also able to bring Bro. Galloway to the lesson. We followed up with her on the Book of Mormon assignment we left her, which was just the introduction. Well she read that and the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses, as well as Joseph Smith's testimony! She told us that their has got to be something here. Hellen Keller Ya! We then taught her the Book of Mormon lesson. It was awesome how much she was soaking in. We had Bro. Galloway bear his testimony on the Book of Mormon as well as invite her to church this week. The lesson was just so awesome! She didn't make it to church, but she will eventually I can just feel it.

We also taught Ruben and he finally made it to church again. That was great to seem back. We just need to keep him coming and really help him progress.

Well, that has been our experiences this week. Pretty dang excited huh.

Elder R.K. Northrup

(This is mom speaking now... I had a fun couple weeks getting some photos of Elder Northrup and Elder Perkins texted to me.  Here they are!)

Courtesy of Christie Rosengren 

Christie gave me her address so I could send Reggie packages there.  Perfect timing because Reggie was in need of his contacts.  Last time I mailed them to the mission office, they were lost for 2 months.  He got this package in 2 days!  (He looks a little fatigued from riding bikes... a bit of helmet head going on!)

These courtesy of Devin Ramsey (the ward mission leader

Bro. Ramsey said, "He doesn't like vegetables haha.  He does love coleslaw from KFC"  
(And I thought he would be forced to eat them on his mission... nah!)

Below are picture of him and Elder Perkins heading up to their apartment.

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