Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Awwwwww yyaaaaaa, A servant named Northrup

This week has been quite quite good actually.

We have got a new investigator!  Look at the flick of that wrist, "Whooop!" (We say that last part a lot). Anyways he was our media referral that we have been trying to get a hold of. He just up and called us back which was totally weird because people don't usually call us, period...so heck ya! His name is Meuoy Vandy. He is from Laos. He wanted to learn about how he can get rid of sad and guilty feelings, so we obviously taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We taught with such power and unity it was awesome to hear him say that he totally got everything we taught him. We we scheduled a follow-up appointment that we held at the church on Saturday... To be continued....

Later on in the week we were stopped by this Muslim guy....probably one from the looks of it that wasn't practicing. Anyways he stopped us and started asking us some sincere questions. He asked us about some of our beliefs and why we believe the things that we do. We then were able to leave him with a couple of our pamphlets for him to read. As we left we asked his name? He told us that it was Fahad. We then proceeded to give him ours and when I went he looked at me and said "Northrup, Northrup! That is a nice A** name." Which I thought was hilarious! The sad thing is is Fahad was totally baked at this time. Dang it.

Saturday we taught Meuoy again at the church this time. Meuoy got lost trying to find the church. Never fear, we were able to pick him up because Brother Nichols was coming to the lesson and so we just went and got him.  We were then able to teach him about the Restoration.  It was a pretty good lesson. The only lame part is Brother Nichols kept interrupting me when I was trying to invite him to baptism. He did so many times that we had to settle with the invitation to pray to know if what we teach is true. Better luck next time, I guess. Sadly he didn't make it to church the next day because of stomach pains.

Fast forward to Sunday. We did all of our church things and stuff, but after church nobody had signed up to feed us that day. So without me knowing, Elder Perkins decided to take that mission into his own hands. He walked up to the Galloways and asked Sister Galloway..."How much do you love us?" Which she replied with, "So MUCH!" He then asked if we could have dinner with them, which they were totally fine with. Now here is what I thought Elder Perkins had originally asked. I thought he had asked Sister Galloway how much food she had and was surprised when she had replied with "So MUCH!" I was completely astonished that she said we could come over after that, because I could not believe that had actually worked. However later I was corrected.

Later that day we saw Fahad again and he ask more questions and this time he wasn't high at all. Which was great. We actually got to talk to him a little more. As we left he repeated that whole thing with my name agian. HaHa.

On Monday, we got to talk to the Welch's in our ward. They just moved in and are newly weds. They are awesome. Bro. Welch's Dad played Tennis for Lehi High and took state once. On top of that they are just great member missionaries. I super love them. They have the same kind of humor as me and Elder Perkins. 

Anyways that was our week. It was a blast. I am staying in Garrison Creek for at least one more transfer. Have a good one y'all.

Elder R.K. Northrup

The Galloway family!

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