Monday, July 18, 2016

At a Snails pace!

This week has been really slow and will most likely result in not having much to say today.

We have now probably tracted just over half of our area. Which is really not good because that means we are running out of 'prepared' people in this area at this time. However we must stand our ground!

So a bit more about biking and problems. This week we have had Elder Perkins tires receive many holes. Which, he said was "just amazing". The funny thing though is that Elder Perkins definitely has the most Hybrid bike I have ever witnessed before in my life. It's going to start a new biking trend or something.

Oh and somethings I say on my bike whenever we are flying down a hill is ...."Lock S-falls in attack position, and keep your eyes peeled for enemy fighters" (which are the cars on the street).

We also went on exchanges this week, this time I went with Elder Cardin. Elder Cardin was pretty cool. We had a good time trying to find people to teach. We were able to talk to Tina again. She told us she would call us to set up a time. However she failed to follow through with the attempt. Which means we will probably try and contact her tomorrow. Pray that she is prepared to hear the message of the restoration and be baptized.

Ruben came to church again this week. Which is good, because now he is progressing again. He is the slowest progressing person I have ever taught and has to many things going on in his life. Oh well he still needs the Gospel and it is our job to teach it.

Sunday we also stopped by one of our less actives/part member families. Their names are Shelby and Brian. We are trying to grow a friendship with them so we can possibly start teaching the husband the lessons because he is the non-member. They are pretty cool. They are major Gamer's and I think they probably have all of the systems/games imaginable. Which means it was easy to get along with them and talk about their interests. We got a lot further this time then we have in long while. Since Brian is a pretty shy guy, it was awesome to see him start opening up a little more last night. Which we are praying will continue as we meet with them.

Love all of you guys, make sure you use the ward mission plan where you live because it has to be used to be effective.

Elder R.K. Northrup

I don't always hold a claymore but when I do I usually pull a face like this.

bum bum bububum.......

Bring it on ...boy

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