Monday, March 27, 2017

Gosh Dang It!

Well this week has been good. Another one filled with service. Not for non-members though they tend to not like free help. Weirdos!

Anyway we did more wood chopping and Elder Rudd and had some good laughs doing it! We also learned how to change spark plugs on a car... pretty cool! We are going to be learning some more car maintenance later this week!

We have been losing some of our investigators.  Dylan said he want to take a break from the lessons because of some personal issues. Which consists of a girl....oh geez!

Tiffany is still struggling, but we will not give up on meeting with her. She is a really good person and we just know the gospel could really effect her life for the better. She just needs to take some time and hear it.

Jody or Judy (can't remember) decided that because we were mormons that she didn't want anything to do with us. Come On!!!!

Matt is still in the works.  We will be trying to meet with him this week.

We had Zone Conference on the Doctrine of Christ and how we need to just be teaching that and weaving it in all of our lessons. It has proven to be really least it has for other areas in our district. All is well though.

That was basically the week. I love you all and know that God loves you too. 

Elder R.K. Northrup 


US and Brother Green

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