Monday, March 20, 2017

Take 5 from just about everyone....

This week has been service filled and really not much happening other than that,  which is weird because we have people we are teaching they just didn't want to meet this week.

The first part of the week was stressful but, also miracle filled. We had to tell Laura and Tim that their baptism had to be moved back to a later date due to Word of Wisdom issues. Well when we told her that she was so upset that she called us and told us that she was going home right then and throwing away all of her coffee! Astonished Victory Dance!

Later in the week we did a bunch of running around service, delivering furniture to and from members houses! Fun stuff. We also went and tried contacting the less actives that Bishop wanted us to see and that was basically our week.

We also cut and split a ton of wood at the Stutz's house. That is some of the funnest service ever.  Elder Rudd had some near death experiences with an axe to the groin region. Pretty sure he never got his "totem chip card." hahaha!

I also went on exchanges with Elder Cook.  Not much happened, but we did teach a couple of their investigators, Robert and Becky. Well that was probably one of the nuttiest things I have ever been involved with.  She was just all over the place during the lesson and wouldn't really listen to us when we were trying to answer her questions.  It's literally all she needs to do and she would feel the spirit pierce her heart.  Oh well, I trust in the Zone Leaders abilities.

Sunday was the day we were really looking forward too.  Apparently we didn't pray hard enough or something because all of our lesson got canceled for the day, which was a super bummer. However, we aren't too saddened because they still want us to come back next week. 

Please pray for these people: Dylan, Tiffany, Matt, Judy, Laura and Tim
I love you all and sorry this week was super not eventful.

Elder R.K. Northrup

Making Kabobs

Tower of Wood

Me and Elder Cook

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