Monday, February 27, 2017

WEEK ONE: Complete Success

My new companion is E. Rudd, and he is a Stud! 

This week has been totally nuts! So many lame things have happened this week.

Day one of getting in the area... I went to use the apartment bathroom and after I flushed, the water didn't go down!   Instead it wanted to come up and spilled all over the floor of the bathroom.  It went everywhere. E. Rudd and I tried to see what the problem was by lifting off the top of the toilet, but nothing seemed wrong.  Right then E. Rudd slipped and accidentally pushed the flusher again and so the floor was swimming in nasty water.  We threw towels down left and right! Gross!  We luckily got it fixed the next day so we are all good!

Then I lost my scriptures which, was just perfect! Considering that the Zones focus was Optimism, I'm going to be honest, that was pretty tough. Then later that day I lost my planner! What the crap! That was a great start to the week in my last area.

On the positive side of things we found my scriptures (in the bishop's office) and we know where my planner is! 

We also got to teach a couple lessons. We taught this dude name Taren. He is solid, but we are probs going to pass him off to the YSA Elders soon. Well are also teaching this family that these members just brought to us! So good! Their names are Tim and Laura. They are so prepared. In fact, we taught them we taught 4 lessons in one night! Pretty powerful and they both accepted Baptismal dates, so Hellen Keller yeah!

Well that was pretty much the highlights of the week! Love you guys!

Elder R.K. Northrup

The Locke Family from Hylebos!

Elder Rudd and Me! (Flooded bathroom, bare feet, ick!)

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