Monday, April 11, 2016

Nothing Much

Nice View! (Golf Course?? Like Father like Son!)
This week, not a lot has happened.

We were able to teach a lesson with a new investigator. We taught her the Restoration and we know that she totally felt the spirit. We bore our testimonies and gave her the baptismal invitation. However, that is when she decided to use her agency incorrectly. Major table flip! We invited her to be baptized if she came to know if this gospel is true and yet again she reject us. She just told us that she is completely fine. In my mind I was just thinking... "Wrong answer"...but I remembered that every being has their agency and we have to do our best to respect their choices.

Most of our investigators are falling off their baptismal dates. They all seem to have moved to Antarctica or that we missionaries have the plague or something, because they won't answer their doors when we stop by. 

On the good side of things Cho Sung Bin is still reading the Book of Mormon and we have a lesson with him on Wednesday this week. I really feel that God has prepared this person to accept this Gospel, that he will find that these Doctrines are from God, and have the desire to repent and be baptized. I appreciate the prayers for him!  Keep up the good work.

The other upside is that one of our members is a bomb member missionary. He is doing all he can to get us referrals.  We pray that he will find some people everyday. We were also able to listen to his testimony the other day and he related some stories that created a gospel learning experience for him. He is an incredible member. His name is Bro. Rushton.

Well sorry it is such a short letter this week. Have a great week. Read the scriptures and continually come unto Christ. Love you guys.

Elder R.K. Northrup

PGA Championships played here in 2015



One of my favorite Elders... Elder Higginson (Higgy-baby) from Bountiful.

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