Monday, January 11, 2016

Teaching is da bessssst, I love it!

Well this week we taught 4 lessons which is totally awesome because now every single one of our investigators is progressing. It is great. One of them even has a baptismal date for the 30th of January. We are praying that the our other investigators will accept our baptismal invitations as well. 

The lessons we taught were so interesting. We taught an X-Jehovah's Witness which is really hard because her concern is that she wants proof that Joseph Smith is talked about in the Bible. We kept trying to tell her that it didn't matter if Joseph Smith is in the Bible or not. What matters is that we read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, that is the only way we will gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and that Christ church is restored today. Her name is Pora, please pray for her that she will find the truth in the Book of Mormon as she studies it out in her heart. I have the faith that she has been prepared to be baptised. 

Our other lesson we kinda failed at just we thought it would be better to show a video on the restoration. Well we were so wrong. We watched the video with her but it just didn't have the same spirit that could have if we had taught her by speaking and testifying. We have decided to go and reteach her the restoration the right way. Please pray that she will see the truth of what we teach and that we will teach through the guidance of the spirit. Her name is Sister McClelland.

Our other lesson were for Audrey, we have almost taught her all of the lesson for her to get baptized. We are looking forward to her baptism because of the joy we know it will bring her during that moment.

We weren't able to teach Lot and Valora this week because they forgot about our appointment but we will catch them again sometime. We did leave them with a Joseph Smith Pamphlet because Valora wanted to learn about his life. I know and have the faith that she will read it and feel the spirit that it will bring her. Pray that they will start reading the Book of Mormon as well.

Well that was our eventful week. I hope you all had a spirit filled week as well. Challenge read 1 Nephi in 10 days. GOOO!

Elder R.K. Northrup

Looks like a little Star Wars art going on in his spare time. (Kylo Ren.)

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