Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our area was Weird

Yes this is my Gandalf Staff you definitely shall not pass!

This week has been really interesting. Mostly because a lot of random things have been happening. Here are most of them.

We saw a couple of 7 yr. olds fighting each other by stiff arming one another in the face. That was weird to witness. When we were driving back to our apartment after Bishop meeting, a white mouse darted out of the foliage running at full speed and head-butted the tire of an SUV in front of us. Yeah, he's gone. Then we went tracting and I knocked on a door so hard that it opened on itself and nobody was home...  we got the heck out of there. Maybe I need to work out a little bit less in the morning because I might be getting to strong. Then the next house we went to, their front doors were barricaded by a bunch of wooden chairs. The next day we saw a squirrel trying to carry a bagel almost 3/4 its size up a tree. Sadly when the squirrel saw us it dropped his bagel from off of the tree branch. That squirrel deserves that bagel. Then today we had a guy come up to one of the Elders in the library and told him (and the rest of us) that we are apart of a Cult, and that one day we will realize it. The Elder just invited him to pray about it. Then on top of all this one of our investigators dropped us. Which I then screamed "Come On" and pretend to flip my desk.

Now for the people choosing to have a normal week. Lot and Valora are really progressing right now. They seem to be really excited to listen to the Book of Mormon and the teachings it contains. Their fellowshippers, (the Gardners) have invited them over for dinner Saturday. We would have taught Audrey this week twice which would have been awesome because then she would be all ready to be baptized on the 30th. However, we are luckily going to most likely teach her today. Which make it so we don't have to push back her baptism again.

One of my favorite Elders got to tag along with us on Sunday. Elder Jeong came out with us and we got to spend our last few proselyting hours that day with him.  It was such a blast. I am going to request to possibly serve in the Korean Branch if they ever need someone to be put in there. Which is totally a legal move, so yeah.  

Other than all of those events of this week, not much has happened. We have been doing a lot more finding because we honestly just need more investigators. Pray for that to happen. It would be much appreciated. Well have a good week guys and I will talk to ya next week.

Elder R.K. Northrup

The Spirit is strong in this one!

​My scary Anakin pose!

​I... am... Ironman!!!

I don't always get shot in the face but when I do it kills!

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